More about Forensics

PF Consultants provides digital investigation services into all types of computer and computer related crime

We can act for either prosecution or defence

Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators

Whether the system is a standalone computer, portable device or part of an integrated network,
PF Consultants can assist you from the initial evidence gathering or fact finding, through to the
successful outcome – be it external prosecution, Industrial Tribunal or internal disciplinary action.

PF Consultants provides the following assistance for the investigation of digital data:

Advice on initiation of an investigation where data recovery is required

Advice on the seizing and securing of that evidence

Acquire data on site (overtly or covertly) or at the PF Consultants  forensic laboratory

Recover data that you thought had long gone

Examine the recovered data according to the instructions you give us

Provide easy to read technical reports outlining our findings

Provide expert testimony if required

All our work is carried out following current Best Practice according to ACPO guidelines. Contemporaneous notes and records are kept to prove the chain of custody.

Our clients are guaranteed confidentiality and all case-related communications are strictly confidential.

Investigative Services

We are able to undertake both on and off-site investigations and as a general rule will use the following stages in our project implementations.

The science of computing and the laws of evidence are both complex, we therefore insist that prior to any specific computer forensic investigation being initiated that a protocol for our engagement is established, and that this protocol is fully understood and capable of being implemented by all the parties involved in the planned investigation. To achieve this we will consult with a client to:

Establish the specific roles that individuals and organisations will play in the investigation.

Identify where matters of evidence are likely to be located.

Undertake a mandatory intelligence review in order to establish what types of hardware, software, systems and back-up material might relate to the potential evidence being sought.

Communicate a plan for the collection and analysis of data, the processing, documentation and
reporting of information.

Produce a written estimate of timescales and costs involved.

Present a formal contract describing our terms of engagement, matters of confidentiality etc.

System Audit and Data Collection

Following our initial consultation and given your authority to proceed, we will inspect and freeze computer systems and associated components making it impossible for subsequent changes to be made to their content or configuration. Data collection is then undertaken with applications who’s use is de-facto in forensic investigations involving information stored on computers.

Securing Evidence

In matters of evidence it is mandatory that a strict “chain-of-custody” is followed and all items are preserved for independent or further safe analysis.


PF Consultants uses specific applications to recover and image the suspect media. Using the Image produced we can then investigate the computer system and files for evidence.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysts always operate under the primary instruction and guidance of you the client or your legal counsel in any particular matter. PF Consultants are able to advise, interpret and piece together information for you in a comprehensive manner and detail a thorough account of events, computer usage and content. Using forensic image files we investigate the media and its content including altered, damaged, removed, hidden or deleted data or data from inactive or unused storage areas on the media. We then provide a report of the relevant content contained in the files.

Expert Testimony and Reporting

Once the investigation is complete we will support your case by preparing and submitting reports about the evidence found, and the means by which it was discovered. We will also provide data for affidavits or other pleadings, expert testimony and reports.


PF Consultants terminates its involvement by submitting the total data collected in a readable format either electronic, print for archive or to an existing litigation support database upon request. We will then consult on the storage and preservation of evidence in the event of appeal or review etc.