Repairing Files

We tend to believe that our computers and mobile devices are infallible and that our data is durable. Regretfully, this is not always the case and we sometimes find that a file that was fine last time will no longer open in the chosen application or has become somewhat garbled.

Clearly, if the data has been destroyed then by definition; it cannot be fully recovered and only fragments may survive. This is where a Forensic Investigation would hopefully find enough pieces to provide evidence to support whatever is in contention.

However, if a file is largely intact but the errors prevent it being recognised by the normal application or program that would open it, we can often repair the structure sufficiently for it to be a viable file again. We offer a No-fix No-fee service with a free evaluation.
Just send the original file and we will advise whether it is recoverable or not.

Examples are:
Office files that will not open
Audio tracks that have noise, clicks, hiss
or other background noise affecting the playback
Videos that will not play.