Computer Data Forensics and Crime Investigations

A procedure closely related to Data Recovery and often confused with it is Investigative Forensic Analysis.
The definition of Computer Forensics  is

‘The employment of a set of predefined procedures to thoroughly examine a computer system using software and tools to extract and preserve evidence of criminal activity.’
This procedure goes far beyond the methods used in normal data recovery and follows strict legal and ethical guidelines to ensure impartiality and validity in any subsequent legal action. While not all investigations are a consequence of breeches of the law, they may be a consequence of suspicions that an employee is misappropriating information or using the computer system for questionable interests.

Forensic Analysis provides an opportunity to examine the computer history even where attempts have been made to intentionally obscure the data. The investigation includes all areas of the system storage areas and makes no assumptions about the data content. It examines everything in a verifiable, reproducible procedure using a traceable, validated image of the original disk. Clearly, this is time consuming and painstaking and requires adherence to very strict procedural practices. However, where the integrity or security of an organisation may be compromised, this course of action may be the most appropriate route to take.

Forensic Analysis can reveal hidden, buried or intentionally obscured data using advanced techniques including time-line analysis, pattern matching and keyword search algorithms. This procedure goes far beyond conventional data recovery and is more suited to evidential requirements or investigations. Forensic Analysis requires adherence to strict procedural guidelines, full traceability and appropriate practice.
Evidence gathered will be valid in any subsequent legal action

We observe strict adherence to ACPO Guidelines

We are bound by a strict code of ethics and you may assured that any data recovered will be treated with the utmost discretion and in the strictest of confidence.